We deliver
educational change.

Eds. supports schools, education institutions and organisations to demonstrate their impact through clearer evidence of learning and wellbeing outcomes.

What We Do.

Professional Development

Providing educators with high impact professional learning in key areas such as data collection, visualisation and analytics centered around educational outputs.

Education Strategy

Bringing together a set of diverse backgrounds and experiences to support education systems and schools in defining clear visions, purposes and outcomes.

Research & Discovery

Quantitative and qualitative research that leads to informed advice and design solutions that demonstrate positive impact within education systems.

Product Design

Building original products to suit individual settings and needs such as apps, web platforms, digital learning and other interactive solutions.

Recent Case Studies

Providing educational organisations, government and schools with innovative design solutions. 

The Your Edu Journey App was designed as a simple and quick solution to allow teachers to record student’s learning progression in real time.

Consolidating research findings relating to the impact of intervention and creating an Executive report that secured further funding for the client.

Design of a data visualisation tool that tells student’s growth stories through clear and engaging visuals, updated in real time.

Eds. Institute