The Story Behind Eds.

Eds. began when Studio LDN, a specialist user experience design consultancy, was approached to design the Your Edu Journey App. Through integration of simple data collection features, the app improves the way teachers document, measure and visualise student learning progression. Following the Your Edu Journey app launch, the company was approached by a well-known global consultancy, further validating the need for solutions that assist educators in evidencing student outcomes.

Given the success of their previous collaboration, Your Edu Journey asked Studio LDN to come along on their mission to further improve the education space. By considering and implementing user experience design to the key issues in education, Your Edu Journey and Studio LDN found a solution that could best support schools and teachers. 

Meet the Team

James Sutton

Design Director / Partner

As joint Co-Founder and Design Director, James has worked for over a decade in creative agencies, fast-paced start-ups and large enterprises across London and Sydney. He is truly passionate about creating a positive impact with accessible design.

Katie Fleet

Education Director / Partner

Katie is our Co-Founder, Subject Matter Expert and lead trainer. She has worked as a teacher and for education systems around the world and is passionate about delivering educational change!

Kristina Hedberg

UX Designer

Recently completed a Bachelor of Design Computing at the University of Sydney. Kristina’s is a passionate and driven UX Designer who is heavily involved in our larger scale projects from research to ideation.

Lauren Smith

UX Designer

Lauren is a great UX Designer with a passion for solving business problems with design answers. With a background in visual design and communication, she creates engaging designs that effectively communicate with users.

Victoria Luke

Program Coordinator

Victoria ensures successful implementation of projects, with excellent relationship management skills, a strong focus on communication, engagement, organisation and ensuring project delivery. 

Jessica Swadling

Data Analyst

Jess works with all things data, visualising and designing beautifully simplistic interactive dashboards so you can tell your systems/schools data story!

A Mission to Deliver Educational Change.

We know that the educational sector wishes to redirect their effort back to teaching and learning, focusing less on administrative duties. They want clear and concise tools to visualise captured data and validate the effort behind the work.

The market is currently oversaturated with platforms, learning management systems and products promising to simplify the challenges of the education space. Despite a promise to improve online learning, communication & visualising learning outcomes, none offer bespoke solutions tailored to the individual needs of organisations.

Our Commitment.

At Eds. we do not just support educational change, we commit to it as part of our daily practice. We understand that companies need to dedicate resources, finances and time to delivering global change and this is why we have chosen to support:

The 2030 United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development – Goal 4 Quality Education.

All of our products and services are centred around the need to ensure quality education is inclusive, equitable and available for all.

As part of our commitment to the UN Sustainable goal we support life long learning for all.

Promoting global competencies by offering paid work placements and graduate jobs through Eds. Institute.

Ensuring the next generation of workers have the global skills they need to navigate a rapidly changing world and build an inclusive and sustainable world.

We offer development opportunities to all our staff and reinvest a percentage of our income back into Eds. Institute.

Developing and sustaining a team
that is:

Collaborative – regardless of position, age, gender, belief, background or orientation all voices are heard and valued.

Continually self developing – we are all responsible for taking ownership of our self development.

Culturally safe – everyone in our team is valued, heard and supported in their development and vision.

Eds. is the combination of SMEs from the front line of education, strategic design and innovative tech joining forces to deliver educational change.

Watch this space.