Creating Professional Learning for Teachers.


Eds. was approached by Arranounbai School to modify our Professional Development module Monitoring and Evaluation to address the specialist nature of their settings. The school is classed as a School for Specific Purposes (SSP) and teach students with additional needs. Arranounbai wanted to better understand the data they could collect to support their Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) whilst ensuring they provided an accurate picture of support they provide for their students through intervention.


The Challenge.

In 2021 Department of Education schools throughout New South Wales were asked to produce a Strategic Improvement Plan outlining the targets and expected outcomes they wished to track over the following three years. Whilst most schools have relied upon pre-existing targets, data collection modules such as standardised test results and wellbeing measures such as surveying SSP’s do not always collect this data due to the nature of their specialist settings. Therefore the Eds. team set about modifying their Monitoring and Evaluation course to include aspects from other courses including Measuring Student Wellbeing and the Impact of Intervention. By exploring what data, the school currently collects and what they were open to collecting (based on access to funding, resources and time pressures) through casual interviews and observation of daily practice the Eds. team creating a fully bespoke course for Executive Staff.

Our Solution.

The Eds. team, led by our lead trainer, created a fully interactive course that allowed the Executive to explore their current data sets, consider new sources of information and focus in on what data was important to them when explaining the outputs of the school. Throughout the Professional Development course, the school created a ‘Data Journey’ that provided them with a visual overview of what data they would collect, when and how. They also explored how they could clearly present this data to other stakeholders, including parents, Directors and students.  At the end of three hours the Executive Team walked away with a pathway forward, that enabled them to track student outcomes without being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data they collected.