An app that gets teachers back to teaching.

Your Edu Journey.

Your Edu Journey approached us to design and develop a solution that would support teachers by enhancing inefficient processes. By collecting and organising data effectively, the Your Edu Journey app offers a simple and quick way to record and track students’ learning progression, reducing the admin workload of teachers and educators.


The Challenge.

Through workshops, surveys, interviews and in-depth desktop research we discovered that teachers across Australia are struggling to keep up with the daily expectations within their roles. It became clear that the issues faced by teachers worldwide often came down to the same thing, data collection. We wanted to find a solution that could alleviate the burden of admin by simplifying the processes already in place.

Documenting students learning progression is traditionally recorded with handwritten notes, excel spreadsheets, and emails. Between face-to-face teaching, after-school paperwork, and administration, a solution was needed to help support the way teachers document learning. We discovered that this was not just an issue across the bigger schools in the inner city, but also affected schools in remote areas, some with low access to the internet. We needed to create a scalable design system that could load fast and support all learning progression for teachers and students now and in the future.

Our Solution.

As every student and teacher has different needs, we focused on creating a solution that caters to all. The Your Edu Journey app can easily be used by school leaders, teachers and tutors, regardless of their circumstance. We focused on creating a solution that allows for documentation of student progress in more efficient ways both in and out of the classroom. Your Edu Journey simplifies the process of data collection, ultimately allowing teachers to free up more time to teach.

What's Data Got to Do With It?

Data gives teachers a way to show and visualise student progression to supervisors, principals, and the government. The current systems in place are insufficient, often taking only tangible and assessable material into consideration. We need to improve the way we visualise progression, without adding to the already heavy workload of teachers in Australia.

Due to a lack of functioning systems, the rise of standards and evidence-based accountability within schools has led to burnout and exhaustion among teachers and educators. The overload of computer-based administrative work for the data-driven schooling system has proven to be time-consuming and has put unnecessary pressure on teachers. The burden of data collection within schools affects teachers regardless of how experienced or skilled they are in data analysis.

Principals and schools are judged by the Department of Education on data outputs through performance reviews. Some principals love data – some hate it – some simply do not have the time to look at it. With simple and functional data collection methods that are streamlined throughout the organisation, the burden of data and collection and analysis is eased.