Curriculum Review.

At Eds. we specialise in working with schools, organisations and online learning providers to review their curriculum offerings.


All schools must offer the mandatory curriculum, however many are unsure how to break this down to best support students with additional needs or who learn in non traditional styles. Our curriculum experts coach and mentor staff in developing scope and sequence documents, units of work and individual education plans to best suit individual needs. We work closely with Departments of Education, Boards of Education and Universities to ensure our advice is up to date, relevant and evidence based. 

Examples of our work in curriculum include;

1) supporting schools in breaking down the regular learning progressions found in the Australian curriculum into smaller, more manageable goals for students with intellectual disabilities. 

2) working with early childhood educators and speech therapists to design and implement a curriculum that best aligns with the outcomes of the new K-2 curriculum, individual and cultural needs.


We work with organisations to plan and implement schemes of work and resources that directly link to the curriculum. Our work has enabled companies to market educational products to both teachers and parents, offering remote learning resources that are both evidence based and structured around specific curriculum outcomes. 

We also offer international curricula analysis. This service involves matching curriculum outcomes between countries i.e. Australian to England and allows many organisations to expand their offerings and break into the international market.

Examples of our work in curriculum include;

  1. Working with an online literacy resource platform to develop resources for the UK and Middle Eastern Market. Our experienced international teaching team used their understanding of both the English and Australian curriculum to seamlessly translate each literacy area.
  2. Developing units of work for a home learning platform in Australia, using UK content provided by their partner organisation.

Online learning providers.

The online learning market has boomed over the past few years however the quality of resources available is often variable. We offer two services to ensure providers are .. the highest quality learning. 

The first service is available for those providers who are currently writing online learning content. We support you in the development of evidence based content that directly links to mandatory learning frameworks. Alongside this advice on the current landscape of education and how and where the product may best be marketed or hosted.

The second service is a review of online learning content. As educational policy and practice is an ever evolving industry, it is important to stay ahead of the game and provide fresh and relevant content to ensure your customers are engaged.

Examples of our work include;

  1. Developing an online learning management system for a startup looking to provide relevant and impactful content for small businesses
  2. Reviewing an established tertiary education provider’s online learning platform to identify  pain points for their learners and re-design these areas. This lead to higher rates of engagement and retention.

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